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6 Month Plan, Get 5 Weeks Free




Gone are the days of bulky plastic pants and saggy, wet bottoms. Pins and Snappis are a thing of the past. 

Each week on the same day a Natural Choice Service rep will pick up your solid diapers and drop off a fresh set right on your door step. We guarantee the same diapers back every week.  

You have 4 cloth diapering options to choose from.  Prefold, Fitted, Hybird and All in ones.


Prefold and Fitted Diaper Service:

  • 80 Newborn/ Infant
  • 60 Medium
  • 50 Toddler
  • 18 weeks of cloth diaper service

Hybrid Diaper Service:

  • 40 diaper Covers
  • 80 -100 inserts
  • 18 weeks of cloth diaper service

All in One:

  • 60 All in One per week.
  • 18 weeks of cloth diaper service
  • All in one fit best at 9-10 lbs.

If you do not have your own diaper covers and need more than just cloth diapers. We have beautiful diaper covers and hand made washable baby wipes available for rent as well. Check our amazing cloth wipe solution. 


Additional Info:

Our Natural Choice Diaper Service will give you the basics to get starting in cloth diapering your little one.

Diaper Rotation
On your first and second deliveries you will receive the full number of diapers & wipes ordered. Thereafter you will be on a rotation system, meaning that the number of diapers that you turn in one week will be returned to you the following week

You are billed for the amount of diapers & wipes you are ordering (renting) each week, not the amount you use..

Note: The above weights are guidelines. Every baby is shaped differently and there’s really no right or wrong time to make a size change. If the diaper you are using is no longer absorbing as well as it had been, it might be time to change sizes, regardless of the weight of your baby.

Before you purchase our cloth diaper service, please read through our terms and agreements.

Vacation :

On vacation or need a break, don’t worry. There is no minimum purchase on the weeks of service. We love vacations to!