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Breastfeeding Tea


Breastfeeding requires and uses a lot of energy and nutrients! It is important for the breastfeeding mother to be both well nourished and well hydrated to increase the nutritional levels that baby will receive and to keep the nutrient and energy levels high within mama as well.

30 cups

Pregnancy Safe Ingredients

fenugreek for increasing milk productionORGANIC FENUGREEK SEED

A popular herb used to naturally increase milk production for breastfeeding mothers. Has a natural sweet maple aroma and flavor.

fennel for breast milk productionORGANIC FENNEL SEED

Common licorice-like herb in tea that increases milk production for nursing moms. Passes through breastmilk to help baby's digestion and relieve colic.

raspberry leaf tea breastfeeding



Popular herb used during pregnancy is also perfect in your tea that increases milk production. Helps tone the uterus for childbirth, which assists in preventing hemorrhage and miscarriage, and may lead to an easier birth.

natural breast milk increase with blessed thistle ORGANIC BLESSED THISTLE

Popularly used in teas, this digestive bitter helps increase breastmilk and support digestion. An herbal remedy since the Middle Ages.